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  1. A pilot system for Urban Environmental Impact Assessment in relation with Urban Planned Land Use, using Open-GIS technology and pollution level estimation procedures – LIFE ASSURE project No: 99/RO/006746 (2002).

    Client: National Institute for Meteorology, Hydrology and Water Management

    The services provided included elaboration and implementation of Dissemination Strategy and organization of dissemination activities, development of presentation materials: project brochure and CD, participants’ files, as well as the organisation and management of several project events for the potential users of ASSURE System, as follows:

    • Final Conference for presentation of project, results dissemination, and of LIFE-Environment Programme in Romania
    • ASSURE System Presentation Seminar for target groups from local public administrations, environmental protection agencies
    • Training sessions for technical personnel of local public administrations with high urban pollution levels
  2. Activated carbon manufacturing using xylite charcoal for environmental application - LIFE-Environment Project LIFE02 ENV/RO/000461, developed by the Institute for Metallurgical Research – ICEM SA in partnership with IPROCHIM, National Company of Lignite Oltenia - SNLO, and Motru Municipality (2002-2005).

    The overall goal of the project was to build a demonstrative installation in order to obtain a specific eco-product to be used for water and air quality protection applications - activated carbon using clean technologies and as raw material xylite wastes from the brown coal exploitations. A strong social component overlaps with the advantages of the technology and represented a starting point on the development of management and dissemination activities provided by 3C Total Consult:

    • the increasing of the quality of life by improving the environmental conditions;
    • stimulation of regional development and the creation of new jobs for unemployed people;
    • the economic and social reconstruction of the depressed mining regions;
    • increasing of the quality of life by thermal agent supplying for the heating of industrial and public facilities in the mining area.

    3C Total Consult provided external assistance to the project beneficiary, ICEM SA in project management, and in organisation and management of dissemination activities: elaboration of dissemination strategy focused on identified target groups, communication plan, development of project presentation materials – brochure, informative bulletins, CD and DVD presentation, website technical development, Layman Report dedicated to potential multipliers of the project results, Dissemination report and After-LIFE Communication plan in order to follow-up project results,. Also, 3C Total Consult was responsible for the management and organisation of project events.

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