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3C Total Consult

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Who are we?

3C Total Consult is a private consultancy company established in 2001, which provides project management and technical consultancy services to clients in a wide range of sectors, mainly in environmental protection and sustainable development.

3C Total Consult is an active member of the Romanian Management Consultants Association AMCOR, affiliated to FEACO. Therefore, we perform our work by using and complying the European Professional Code of Management Consultants. Beginning with December 2003, 3C Total Consult is a nationally certified company, by AMCOR, for the following consulting areas, acknowledged at European level:

3C Total Consult is also assigned with the leadership of the Environmental Commission within AMCOR.

Consultants and Collaborators

The Consultants of 3C Total Consult are actively involved in various teams of international projects financed by the European Union (including the LIFE-Environment Programme), and by other international financing organisations (BERD, UNDP, USAID, World Bank). As a result, they have gathered additional expertise in areas like: regional development, environmental management, industrial restructuring, and social impact.

As any other consultancy company, we cooperate with external consultants, according to mission assignments. Over 15 experts in various areas of activity collaborate with us, and we guarantee for their seriousness and professionalism.

3C Total Consult has submitted the Autoevaluation Report, according to the HG no. 551/2007, concerning certification as CD.

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